When it comes to selecting the door style to go into a home, a few items for consideration are:

  • Style – Classic, Modern, Chic, Country.  These are among the most popular styles. There are nearly infinite options when it comes to customization for a styling doors for homes.
  • Function.  What do the doors need to do? Is mitigation of sound important or perhaps a desirable added bonus? Consider where the door(s) will be installed. Are there limitations on clearance? Note which way the door should swing depending on the type of door.
  • Material. Consider the environment. Popular materials are solid wood or MDF. Wood has beautiful natural grain. MDF is very versatile with color options and typically the more affordable option.


Doors & Windows West carries a wide variety of interior doors for closets, wine rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. Select from a variety of materials, colors, and styles ranging from modern to traditional. Some popular choices include:

  • Wood Doors
  • Wood Composite Doors
  • Hollow Core Doors
  • Solid Core Doors


Doors & Windows West carries a wide selection of doors from leading manufacturers including Simpson, Plastpro, and Masonite.

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